“Reaching You”


“Reaching You” by Holly Bot is a vibrant diptych that explores the relationship between an incarcerated individual and a free person through two 12-inch square canvases. The painting features a radiant, bisected circle with inverted colors to symbolize their mutual connection and the enduring emotional bond despite physical separation.



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Title: Reaching You
Artist: Holly Bot
Medium: Acrylic Paint
Dimensions: 12 inches by 24 inches (Two 12-inch square canvases) on a gallery wrapped 1″ deep canvas
“Reaching You” by Holly Bot is a striking diptych that explores the profound and complex relationship between an incarcerated individual and a free person. The painting is executed on two 12-inch square canvases, arranged to create a 24-inch wide composition. This separation of canvases symbolizes the physical and emotional distance that exists in such relationships, a chasm that cannot be bridged in the present reality.
At the heart of the painting is a radiant circle, bisected and spread across both canvases. The left canvas features a half-circle painted in vibrant red, surrounded by an orange concentric ring, while the right canvas mirrors this with an orange half-circle bordered by a red concentric ring. This inversion of colors between the two halves signifies the interconnectedness and mutual dependence of the individuals despite their separation.
The center of the circle on each canvas emits a brilliant light, representing the powerful connection and enduring hope shared by the two individuals. The use of bold and vibrant colors throughout the piece challenges the notion that an incarcerated person is somehow diminished or unable to contribute meaningfully to a relationship. Instead, it emphasizes that both individuals bring equal vibrancy and significance to their bond.
By intentionally placing a space between the canvases, Holly Bot visually reinforces the idea of separation and the inherent challenges faced by those in these relationships. Yet, the harmonious color scheme and radiant light suggest that despite the physical distance, the emotional and spiritual connection remains strong and resilient.
“Reaching You” is a poignant and thought-provoking work that invites viewers to reflect on the nature of relationships constrained by incarceration, urging a reconsideration of societal perceptions and the value of human connection across barriers.

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