Life Support Podcast – Part 1 of 2

Holly Bot could have let incarceration define her life. But instead, with God’s help, she is an author, blogger, and podcaster- and has a story of hope to share.

Life Support Podcast – Part 2 of 2

Holly Bot joins once again- to share her journey of growing up in a Christian home, but not finding Jesus until she was behind bars and at rock bottom. She finishes her story of hope. Faith Radio podcasts are made possible by your support. Give now: Click here…

Keep Hope Alive Podcast with host Nadine Malone

Recorded March 8th, 2024.

From The Keep Hope Alive Podcast website: 

No matter how life guides us we grow from each lesson. Our stories are never ending and there is an awakened soul that wants to blossom. These are the stories of people going through relationships and other everyday things. We address the issues and what we can do to help resolve them. Being Heard is the mission statement.

Grief - Let's Talk About it Podcast with Host Tony Lynch Feb 2024

In depth educational conversations around #grief, #trauma, #addiction, and #mentalhealth , with #liveinterviews , with #griefpractioners #nonprofitorganization #therapist #recoverycoach in an effort to #educate share information #information to #communities and #individuals #struggling to help bring #awareness and support

Chain Breakers - Oak Grove Church Dec. 2020

CHAINBREAKERS is a group of people finding hope and purpose through Jesus Christ. Our weekly meeting encourages, teaches, and connects you with others for further opportunities to move forward in freedom! We purpose to break the chains of hurt and addiction and to heal from painful pasts through Jesus Christ.


Invite Holly Bot to speak at your event! Holly is available as an event speaker for churches, prisons, and nonprofit events as well as small group gatherings. Please reach out and describe your needs!


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From Surviving to Living


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