Confluence of Forms


“Confluence of Forms” by Holly Bot is a geometric abstract acrylic painting on a 12×24 inch canvas, featuring overlapping triangles in shades of cream, ocher, dark red, and brilliant orange, interspersed with three deep red and dark orange globes. The composition’s intricate play of light and shadow creates a dynamic sense of depth and movement, drawing viewers into its vibrant, multi-faceted world.


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Title: “Confluence of Forms”
Artist: Holly Bot
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions: 12 inches by 24 inches

“Confluence of Forms” is a captivating geometric abstract painting by Holly Bot. This 12×24 inch acrylic on canvas artwork is a masterful interplay of shapes and colors, featuring a dynamic composition of overlapping triangles and three distinct globes. The triangles, rendered in subtle shades of cream, are highlighted with touches of ocher, dark red, and brilliant orange. Each triangle casts intricate shadows on its neighbors, creating an illusion of depth and movement that is further enhanced by the suggestion of multiple light sources.

The three globes, slightly off-center, add a focal point to the composition. One globe stands out, more than twice the size of the other two, drawing the viewer’s eye with its commanding presence. These globes, in deep reds and dark oranges, reflect the vibrant colors and complex lighting of the surrounding triangles, adding to the painting’s rich visual texture.

Holly Bot’s skillful use of light and shadow, combined with the strategic placement and sizing of the geometric elements, invites viewers to explore the relationships between forms and the play of illumination within the abstract space. “Confluence of Forms” is a striking example of contemporary abstract art, blending precision and imagination to evoke a sense of harmony and depth.

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Acrylic on canvas


12 inches by 24 inches


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