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Spotlight Series Audio
The Problem of Pride: Dan's Story of Renewal - Audio Only

This episode tells the story of an individual who struggled with addiction and reached a turning point by seeking treatment at Fairview Recovery. He shares his transformative journey of surrendering to Christ, overcoming depression through self-education and focusing on helping others. The narrative emphasizes the power of humility, finding one’s gifts, and the belief that God’s grace is capable of rewriting anyone’s story. Through engaging in work, jail ministry, and addiction recovery efforts, he discovers the healing impact of serving others and the continuous opportunity for personal growth and redemption.


Transformation through Trials: A Journey from Addiction to Redemption

In this episode of ‘From Surviving to Living’, we explore the problem of pride through the lens of a guest named Dan, tracing his journey from a life marred by addiction, violence, and self-destruction to one of redemption, healing, and service. Growing up in Racine, Wisconsin, Dan’s turn from a troubled youth experimenting with drugs to a life-threatening addict marks a significant portion of his narrative. His transformation begins with a pivotal moment of clarity under a table, high on cocaine, leading to his decision to seek treatment. This decision is catalyzed by a woman’s condition to change his lifestyle if he wished to be with her. Dan’s path takes a turn towards the spiritual upon encountering a caring family during his recovery, who introduce him to Christianity, reshaping his worldview and sense of self. His subsequent journey involves self-improvement, occupying himself with work, and eventually finding success in sales and management while nurturing a renewed relationship with God. Dan shares insights on overcoming pride and anger through faith and humility, attributing his success to continuous self-education, a supportive community, and the transformative power of God’s grace. The episode underscores the messages that it’s never too late for change, the importance of confronting personal fears, and the continuous journey of self-discovery and growth.

00:18 The Problem of Pride: Dan’s story of addiction and recovery
09:02 A New Life Begins: Embracing Change and Finding Purpose
17:41 The Power of Humility: Overcoming Pride and Anger
23:31 Transforming Through Continuous Learning and Ministry

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