From Surviving to Living, a serialized audiobook podcast, chronicles Holly’s journey through prison and shares her testimony. It is aimed at individuals who have faced personal challenges and who are seeking stories of resilience, redemption, and spiritual growth, particularly those interested in exploring the role of faith and personal transformation in overcoming adversity. We address these issues Biblically and provide tools for listeners to solve them.

The “From Surviving to Living Spotlight” podcast features guests sharing their inspiring stories of overcoming adversity in a dynamic studio setting. With a focus on faith and personal transformation, each episode offers practical tools and resources for viewers. Through candid conversations, the podcast provides hope and guidance for those navigating their own challenges, emphasizing resilience and spiritual growth.


What a great podcast! Thank you for sharing, it’s so helpful. I’m excited for the next episode!



New episodes are released every Tuesday!


(17) LOVE & HATE: From Bitterness to Blessing

(17) LOVE & HATE: From Bitterness to Blessing

In this episode, we explore the journey of healing and transformation through loving and serving others. Despite facing broken relationships and personal struggles, I discover the power of love and reconciliation guided by divine intervention. Delving into scripture...

Voices for Justice: Overcoming Stigma Through Understanding

Voices for Justice: Overcoming Stigma Through Understanding

SHOW NOTES From Surviving to Living Spotlight: Breaking Stigmas and Building Bridges with David Boehnke This episode of 'From Surviving to Living Spotlight' features a dialogue with IWOC coordinator David Boehnke, who discusses his journey from experiencing bullying...

(16) TASTE & SEE: Anticipation and Happiness

(16) TASTE & SEE: Anticipation and Happiness

From Surviving to Living: Transformation Through Faith In this episode of 'From Surviving to Living,' Holly Bot shares her remarkable journey of transformation from a felon and sex offender who endured hard time, to being deeply moved by faith and the power of change...

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Holly is an award winning writer, blogger, and published author. She desires to encourage and inspire listeners and readers to grow closer in their walk with Jesus. It is her hope that in sharing her story you will find your own being re-written in a personal relationship with Christ.

Your podcast is so encouraging! I love that. I listen on the way to work. What a great way to start the day!


Glad to see someone sharing their prison story. My wife enjoys the podcast and shared it with me. Now we both listen. We have a son in prison and your story encourages us. Thanks


I love the transparency in sharing your story. Great show!


I wanted to know more about the Holy Spirit and found your blog and podcast. How exciting to know what God does in our lives!


* “From Surviving to Living” with Holly Bot is a non-monetized podcast. We do not accept advertising or sponsorship requests. Additionally, to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, alert it is His work we do, we will never ask listeners for donations. While it’s not wrong to do such things, we choose to operate in alignment with the principles outlined in Matthew 6:8, where it is stated, “For your Father knows what you need before you ask him.”

From Surviving to Living


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