Chainbreakers: Unconditional Love in Action

May 23, 2024 | 0 comments

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Don Weld Jr., a Minneapolis native, grew up in a Christian family where service and ministry were parts of daily life. His early exposure to prison ministry through his father’s involvement ignited a passion for helping those on the margins of society. By adulthood, Don was actively participating in prison ministries, combining sports and spiritual nourishment to reach out to inmates. This laid the groundwork for his future endeavors.

About 15 years ago, Don’s journey took a decisive turn as he began leveraging basketball to connect with young men in North Minneapolis. This initiative eventually evolved into Chainbreakers, a ministry dedicated to supporting individuals struggling with addiction, incarceration, and life’s tough challenges. Through open discussion groups, one-on-one mentorship, and unconditional love, Don and the Chainbreakers community assist people in navigating their journey towards healing and faith.

Don’s commitment to personal, hands-on ministry is evident in his approach to leadership at Chainbreakers. He emphasizes the importance of transparency, mentorship, and the power of God’s Word in overcoming personal struggles. Despite facing challenges like resistance from the community and the profound loss of individuals to addiction and violence, Don remains undeterred, fueled by a belief in God’s love and the transformative power of genuine relationships.

Don’s life and work exemplify a profound dedication to serving others, guided by a spirit-led approach to ministry. Whether through playing basketball with those recently out of prison or sharing a cup of coffee with someone in need, Don’s actions reflect a belief in the potential for redemption and change in every individual. He continues to inspire and mentor through Chainbreakers, proving that with faith, compassion, and community, transformation is possible for anyone.

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Needed: A volunteer to lead the incarcerated pen-pal team. Make a difference today!

01:40 Guest Introduction: A Life of Obedience and Ministry
02:25 Don’s Background: Growing Up in a Christian Family
03:16 Early Ministry Work and the Birth of Hoops Church
05:30 Expanding Ministry: From Hoops Church to Chain Breakers
13:16 Personal Reflections and Future Aspirations
17:42 Unconditional Love and Final Moments
21:45 Encouraging Transparency and Personal Struggles
24:11 Volunteering and Supporting Chainbreakers
28:03 Personal Reflections and the Importance of Being Present
32:20 Concluding Thoughts and Invitation to Get Involved

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