Unconventional Upbringing to Unshakable Faith: Brady Pask

Jun 13, 2024 | 0 comments

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In this heartfelt episode of ‘From Surviving to Living, the Spotlight Edition,’ we join Brady Pask as he shares his life story, marked by early exposure to drugs and alcohol, various family complexities, and the transformative power of faith. Born to a single mother after her brief relationship with a much younger man, Brady was raised in a household initially surrounded by partying. His mother’s former partner returned, marrying her and taking on the role of Brady’s father, providing a loving but unconventional family dynamic. This relationship added layers to Brady’s understanding of fatherhood when he later discovered that his stepdad was not his biological father. Brady opens up about his struggles with addiction, his standout experience of feeling God’s touch, and his subsequent journey to sobriety. He also reflects on the significant roles that his earthly father figures and mentorship played in his spiritual development. Viewers can learn valuable lessons about resilience, the importance of supportive relationships, and the life-changing impact of faith.


00:00 Introduction

01:32 Family Background and Upbringing

12:50 Overcoming Alcoholism

20:06 Struggles with Alcohol and Family Dynamics

24:10 Personal Growth and Mentorship

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