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Spotlight Series Audio
Healing from the Heart: Sarah’s Spiritual Journey Through Attachment and Beyond - Audio Only

In this episode of ‘Surviving to Living,’ the host interviews Sarah Michelson, who shares her life journey from a challenging upbringing in a religious family to her struggles with identity, perfectionism, and relationships. Raised by a pastor father and a narcissistic mother, Sarah battles with her self-worth, leading to multiple marriages and a constant search for perfection. Her discovery of integrated attachment theory offers a breakthrough, inspiring her pursuit of certification as an attachment theory coach. Sarah discusses the impact of her childhood, her journey towards understanding her attachment style, and the transformative power of self-awareness and healing. Throughout the episode, the importance of authentic living, self-compassion, and the role of faith in her healing process are emphasized. Resources for viewers interested in exploring integrated attachment theory and improving their own attachment styles are also provided.


Sarah’s Journey Through Attachment, Identity, and Spiritual Growth

This episode of ‘From Surviving to Living’ features an in-depth interview with Sarah Michelson, who shares her life story, beginning with her upbringing in Wisconsin by a pastor father and a stay-at-home mother with narcissistic traits. Sarah navigates through her experiences of marriages, identifying with being a perfect wife and mother, and dealing with her own and her family’s attachment styles. She discusses how she found solace and answers in integrated attachment theory and is training to become a coach in the field. Sarah opens up about her struggles with narcissistic abuse, betrayal, and seeking perfection, which she thought would bring her happiness and fulfill societal expectations. Her journey leads her to self-discovery, understanding her core wounds, and learning the importance of healthy coping mechanisms and secure attachment styles. By reflecting on her past with compassion and working towards self-improvement, Sarah embarks on a path of healing and helping others, underscored by her deep faith and a closer connection to God. This transformative narrative highlights the power of self-awareness, the impact of our upbringing on adult relationships, and the constant pursuit of authenticity and spiritual growth.


11:08 The Journey Towards Secure Attachment
19:29 Reflecting on Personal Growth and Therapy Experiences
21:00 Unpacking Core Wounds and Parenting Challenges
21:58 Apologies and Healing in Family Dynamics
22:35 Shifting Parenting Styles and Embracing Change
26:43 Personal Growth and Understanding Attachment Styles
31:55 Embracing Emotions and Overcoming Coping Mechanisms
39:12 Finding Healing and Purpose Through Faith

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