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Spotlight Series Audio
From Despair to Divine Providence: Nina's Journey of Trust and Transformation - Audio Only

This episode of the ‘From Surviving to Living’ podcast features Holly Bot interviewing Nena Harvath about the challenging yet rewarding journey of trusting God for provision in all aspects of life, including emotional, physical, and financial needs. Nena shares her personal testimony from accepting Jesus at a young age, through her struggles with self-reliance and facing financial hardship, to ultimately experiencing profound moments of spiritual growth and understanding. She discusses the transformative power of forgiveness, the significance of gratitude, and learning to align her desires with God’s will. Nena’s story illustrates how facing trials with faith can lead to a deeper relationship with God and a true sense of contentment and provision.


Finding Trust and Provision in God Through Life’s Struggles

In this episode of the ‘From Surviving to Living Spotlight’ podcast, host Holly Bot interviews guest Nena Harvath about the theme of trusting God to provide for all needs, including emotional, physical, and financial ones. Nena shares her journey from an early assurance of faith at six years old through personal trials including her husband’s unemployment, feelings of jealousy and inadequacy, and ultimately, the foreclosure of their home. She discusses the transformational realization of depending solely on God for provision rather than on her husband or herself, and how this trust in God brought her peace and contentment, even in the face of financial ruin and a challenging marriage that ended in divorce. Throughout her story, Nena emphasizes key themes such as forgiveness, the importance of thankfulness, and the profound experience of learning to rely fully on God’s provision, which eventually led to a deeper understanding and peace in her relationship with God.

00:09 Welcome to the Spotlight Podcast: Trusting God’s Provision
01:03 Nina’s Journey: From Childhood Faith to Adult Challenges
04:10 The Struggle with Self-Reliance and the Desire for More
09:10 A Turning Point: Facing Financial Crisis and Finding Faith
13:33 The Journey of Trust: Learning to Rely on God’s Provision
17:58 Overcoming Hidden Sins and Embracing God’s True Provision
23:41 Deepening Faith Through Challenges and God’s Assurance
25:54 Understanding God’s Guidance and Confirming His Presence
26:17 A Journey to the End of Self and the Beginning of Faith
27:36 The Dream That Foretold Three Major Losses
29:33 Finding Contentment Through Gratitude and Trust in God
47:56 The Power of Forgiveness and Letting Go
51:46 Reflecting on the Journey and Encouraging Others

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