Healing from the Heart: Sarah’s Spiritual Journey Through Attachment and Beyond

Apr 4, 2024 | 0 comments

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In this episode of ‘Surviving to Living,’ the host interviews Sarah Michelson, who shares her life journey from a challenging upbringing in a religious family to her struggles with identity, perfectionism, and relationships. Raised by a pastor father and a narcissistic mother, Sarah battles with her self-worth, leading to multiple marriages and a constant search for perfection. Her discovery of integrated attachment theory offers a breakthrough, inspiring her pursuit of certification as an attachment theory coach. Sarah discusses the impact of her childhood, her journey towards understanding her attachment style, and the transformative power of self-awareness and healing. Throughout the episode, the importance of authentic living, self-compassion, and the role of faith in her healing process are emphasized. Resources for viewers interested in exploring integrated attachment theory and improving their own attachment styles are also provided.

00:41 Sarah’s Journey: From Perfectionism to Self-Discovery

09:44 Understanding Attachment Styles and Their Impact

20:49 Reflecting on Personal Growth and Therapy Experiences

22:16 Unpacking Core Wounds and Parenting Challenges

23:31 Apologies and Healing in Family Dynamics

24:40 Shifting Parenting Styles and Embracing Change

26:29 Personal Growth and Understanding Attachment Styles

31:08 Embracing Emotions and Overcoming Coping Mechanisms

38:17 Finding Healing and Purpose Through Faith

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